What is the Role of an Appraiser?

Whether you are buying or selling a home, going through a divorce or settling an estate, you need a professional and certified appraiser to establish the valuation of the properties or assets involved. Regardless of your situation, you have been given an immense responsibility and want to act prudently. An appraiser provides his clients with the tools and advice needed to properly determine the value of the property in question.

Appraisers during a Divorce

Whether a divorce is friendly or ferocious, you and your spouse will need the services of an appraiser to assess the value of the property prior to the actual division of the proceeds can take place. Without a proper appraisal, those proceeds may either never arrive or may arrive in an unnecessarily watered-down form. If there is a home or other type of property involved, a divorce attorney will advise their clients to hire an appraiser who will provide a final estimate for property values.

During the appraisal process, the appraiser will visit the property, note any amenities or upgrades that have been done, compare the property with a minimum of three to four other similar ones in the area that have sold during the last 12 months, and then provide a final estimated value.

The role of an appraiser during a divorce is critical. Both partners want to get their fair share of assets, and acquiring the correct value of a property enables you to walk away with the precise, and often maximized, portion of what is rightfully yours.

Estate Appraisals

Settling an estate can be just as tricky and stressful as dividing property assets during a divorce. An appraiser’s function is to help relieve the stress of evaluating any property involved in an estate. It’s up to you, the trustee, to see to the wishes of a loved one as quickly as possible and this can be an emotional burden. Whether it’s a home, farm, commercial building or vacant land space, an appraiser will swiftly provide you with accurate valuation estimates in order for you to move forward with the settlement.

Whether you need an appraiser for a divorce or estate settlement, it is important to find a licensed and experienced professional. Remember that an appraiser isn’t an advocate for hire and they provide an unbiased opinion of the property, no matter what the circumstance is. This is why you need to ensure that you employ a trained expert in order to get the correct value estimates for your properties.